Market Day

Market Day

I don’t know what the minotaur is selling, but I do know you don’t make fun of his pink chevron tent.

Day 3 of #The100DayProject/#100DaysInPaperTown, and I sidetracked from working on the market cross to put together a trial tree. It needs a little tweaking but overall looks good. It’ll turn up later in the elven houses.

Meanwhile, I scaled the tents back up to their proper size, printed a few, then decided to make them square since the longer cross-beams were too long to stay stable. The asymmetric ones (the two in the back) tend to tip over forward so I’ll probably add a foot to them, but otherwise they’re done.

It’s hard to see, but there’s an orc in the back right with a collapsed frame. The tents aren’t pop-ups, but at least they’ll fold flat to go in an envelope.