To Market To Market

Paper market mess

The first real project: an outdoor market, with a market cross🔗 building a bit like Wymondham’s.

Installing the new aluminum blade carrier turned out to be very simple; I eyeballed it until it looked like the old Silhouette one, and the first test cut looked great. It cut a little more deeply into the carrier mat than it needed to, so I dialed it back a smidge and that was it. Very simple.

But on the down side, I can’t find the base plate for my embossing machine, so none of the papers right now have any texture. I need to make some adjustments and re-cut some of these pieces, so hopefully I’ll find it before that. I don’t mind making multiple iterations of some buildings, but a town really only needs one market cross.

The tents need the most “adjustment,” though it’s just a matter of scaling. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided they needed to be five scale feet tall at the peak. I went ahead and assembled them to see how they’d go, and aside from being tiny little delicate things they came out fairly well. It’s hard to tell from above, but there are three different types of frames.

Behind them are the pieces of the market cross. The base plate, with stone base, the ground-floor pillars, and then the stairs, main building body, and roof. The building is hex-shaped, and the whole assembly - stairs and all - will fold flat when the base plate is folded up. Sadly, the market tents won’t do the same magic, but I console myself by remembering that any game that takes place in the market will certainly require stalls being knocked over and strewn about.